Friday, April 12, 2013

I love April vacation! :-)

I decided I would take a few moments to write a quick update on what's been going on for me lately. It's been a busy past couple of weeks... well, actually saying a busy past couple of months would probably be more accurate..! :-)

As I sit here on Friday night and reflect back on my day, it has been different than my typical Friday because it's the first day of April vacation. Instead of going off to my classes at Voc at 7:30 this morning, I was able to sleep an extra hour, then get up and go about my day a little more leisurely than usual- meaning, I had time to eat breakfast s-l-o-w-l-y (unlike the usual rush to leave for school) and then spent most of my morning working on a project for class, making a very detailed poster about peaches, and had the ability to take my time on it. It was great! Making posters is one of my favorite assignments, and so I had fun just giving attention to all the little details of it. The only problem was that I had about three times as much information than I had room on the poster for, so I had to nix some of the info and be creative about how I arranged the rest on the poster. :-)

This evening as I babysat my 4 younger siblings, I wrote and posted 2 book reviews. I am part of a couple different blog networks, and I have several books on my list of need-to-review-soon's. So if you want to check them out, the two I reviewed this evening are Learning to Love by Heidi and Rolland Baker, and Humble Orthodoxy by Joshua Harris.

Currently I am busy with preparations for my exchange trip to Japan this summer. I just found out about 2-3 weeks ago that I'll be staying with my friend Manami for the second half of my 2-month-long trip. My family and I hosted her in 2009, and I am so excited to see her again after 4 years!

Also, I am really looking forward to my family's vacation next week. This will be a combined senior class trip for Max and I, and we're going out West for about a week. Counting down the days!!! :-)

Well, 'tis getting late. Hope you all have a great rest-of-the-evening and a wonderful weekend!


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