Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Review on Ten Days Without by Daniel Ryan Day

"Life is full of good intentions, but for too many, our good intentions never become good actions - they don't move us forward, draw us closer to God, or make a difference in the world. Good intentions are cans of paint that could have become amazing works of art... but never did." -Daniel Ryan Day in Ten Days Without

Ten Days Without is a book about someone who went beyond good intentions to do something to make a difference. For ten days at a time, Daniel Day went without a specific "essential" thing in order to raise awareness for a need. For example, he went without shoes for ten days to raise awareness for disease. He went ten days without furniture to raise awareness for poverty. He went ten days without speaking to raise awareness for victims of human trafficking and slavery. In Ten Days Without, Daniel Day talks about his experience doing these things and encourages the reader to do a Ten Days Without experience too.

This book was interesting, inspiring and challenging. Reading this book really made me think about how much I take for granted and how many people around the world don't even have things like shoes or coats or even a voice and it has challenged me. Reading this book has inspired me to do "Ten Days Without Shoes".

I think that the subtitle sums up this book well: "Adventures in discomfort that will change your world and you". Reading this book will change your perspective, raise your awareness and challenge you to do something about it.

I recommend this book.

Thank you to WaterBrook Multnomah for sending me a free copy of Ten Days Without in exchange for an honest review.