Friday, March 15, 2013


Since she was a child, Meg Pomeroy has dreamed of visiting Florence. However, when Meg finally has the chance to take the long-anticipated trip, it turns out to be far different than she has expected.

Anticipating to meet her father there, Meg arrives in Florence and discovers that she is on her own. Hospitable Sofia Borelli welcomes Meg to Florence and to her home, but as Meg gets to know Sofia and the beautiful city, she discovers some surprising truths about both- and about herself.

This book wasn't totally my style, and I felt like the ending was a little strange, but I must say that this book was very well-written! I as the reader felt pulled into the story. The depth of the book was stunning due, I am sure, to the careful and precise research of the author. She did a great job of making her readers feel as if they were actually seeing the story with their own eyes. This book was, overall, a pretty good read.

I appreciated the opprotunity to read this book, thanks to the library! :-)

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Thank you!! :-)

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