Saturday, August 24, 2013

Book Review #2 for today! :-)

This time I'm writing a review for "Stealing the Preacher" by Karen Wittemeyer. This wasn't a better-than-average romance, and it had a very predictable storyline, but I enjoyed it nonetheless even though I was expecting less of a romance and more of just an inspirational Christian historical fiction (and I was disappointed to find that it was romance-y). It wasn't boring, and the twist of a traditional Western romance was unique and interesting. I liked the Scriptural themes woven throughout the plot. While it had  alot of cliche parts, this book also had some good life lessons that were shown through the characters' experiences- things like the truth setting you free, God's care in our lives, standing up for what is right, etc. I think that readers who like Western romances would enjoy this book.

Thank you to Bethany House Publishers for sending me a free copy of Stealing the Preacher in exchange for my honest review.

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